Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Finding Treasure

Hey, it's been forever but then you probably have worked out that I'm not an avid blogger.
Thanks for sticking by me!
Anyhoo, just a quick update. This summer I started a new job as a jewellery assistant for a very well known goldsmith and enameller near London. We make bespoke and fine jewellery and lucky me gets to learn from a master crafts-woman in tradition vitreous enamelling....YAY!!!
I am keeping hush on the company as we make for HRH and it's good to not give everything away;)

As for my jewellery the Treasured collection has been a constant customer wantee so that's been great but it has left me with little time to make other things. 
I have heard about this from other makers that it is easy to get caught in making only items that sell and then not progressing or working on other designs. I'm not complaining that it sells as that's fantastic but I have not turned on my kiln in 5 months!
Therefore, I have decided that from tomorrow I will leave 20 mins early for the school pick up and sit in the car with a sketch book and pencil to see if any designs emerge. If you have any tips on how you squeeze in designing/making time I would love to know. Please leave a comment!

Mini hoops 18ct gold plate

Pearl, Smokey Quartz & 18ct gold plate bracelet