Sunday, 24 June 2012

Modern Crochet Jewellery

Hello, It's been so long but the good news is I have lot's of updates and new photos to show you. Recently I have been making crochet jewellery for tomfoolery, contemporary jewellers in Muswell Hill North London. 

I have always been drawn to the idea of using crochet in my jewellery but to me there is a fine line between getting it right and getting it wrong. I love how I can really play with colours of mixing the crochet cotton and the semi-precious stones. I often spend ages playing with different colour plates which is such fun. The necklaces are quite bold but they sit so well with the simple crochet stud. I hope to expand the range but the necklaces are all one-off. These are great statement pieces and I do hope to try out some other colours.

Crochet Studs with sterling silver