Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A new journey called Little Moxie

New photos of Kim  Channon Jewellery

Well, where do I start? It's the usual late blog post from me so I will try to keep it short and sweet! A while back I made a post on wether I should start a new blog. The reason for this is that I make a lot of things other than jewellery. I felt my mind and the blog was getting confused with it's direction, so rather than set up a blog, I have started a new enterprise called Little Moxie ♡ On Little Moxie I will be selling my crocheted toys, kids/christening jewellery, paintings, knitted items, personalised guitar picks to name a few, all made by me! Am I mad?....Yes, am I tired?.....You bet! But I have never been more passionate and excited about my work before. It is my new baby! 

As for Kim Channon Jewellery it's super busy times too! I am working on my new images like the ones above for my website which I hope to have looking really fab by the end of September. Right, time for bed to dream up some new designs!!! Nite nite x

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