Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Valentines Heart Pendant.... You have my ♡

This is a new pendant I made with Valentines Day in mind, and mine and Morgan's five year anniversary coming up! I have a few ideas that are similar to this necklace that I can't wait to make.

I love working with copper as it's so soft and malleable. That is, it can be bent and shaped without cracking, when either hot or cold. Copper is a great metal to start using as a beginner in jewellery making! However, much of the copper jewellery I have seen in shops is not to my taste. I find it a challenge using the reddish orange colour of copper to work with other colours and using it in  contemporary jewellery.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

have a second chance with chinese New Year!

Oxidised silver and enamel earrings
by Kim Channon

I never ever stick to my new years resolutions, so every year they never really change!

1) Drink more water (actually any amount of water, I only drink tea or coffee. Bad I know)

2) Have the Mariah Carey organised wardrobe (but way smaller!)

3) Update website and blog weekly......... and that brings me here.

I have read many blogs where people have apologised or have confessed to not having the time to post fresh new blog material. I do think some bloggers make it look too easy putting posts out every few days so I do end up wondering should I be doing more? What do I put out there every week that anyone would want to hear about?  I must say that the really good blogs like creative thurday or calivintage  show a huge amount of commitment and are very inspiring. 

To be honest, I'm a full-time mum who just about manages to squeeze in a bit of jewellery making or other crafts. I think this must ring bells for so many mums out there who want to be working from home but struggle to find the time. How do I find the time to blog then? Well, my daughter will be going to pre-school this year and I can't wait! Those 3hrs a morning when she is at pre-school will be such a change and maybe, just maybe...... I will be able to blog once a week? nah, let's not get carried away!