Thursday, 26 May 2011

From the Wilde

Twig Berry Yellow Pendant

Have you heard about This is an online shop that sells only 100% handmade items.
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I'm giddy with joy, because I am now selling my jewellery with "From The Wilde"♡
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Monday, 7 March 2011

My little cottage: when working at home, it needs to be inspiring.

My side of the bed, and yes I do sleep next to my John Lewis Mini sewing machine!
In the vintage suitcase I keep all my yarn, needles and bits & bobs. 
The basket under the table contains some of my favourite magazines like Country Living.

My cottage was built in 1880 and I love the open fireplace. We are lucky to have a coal yard
down the lane and woods at the back of our house. There is nothing like a real fireplace, it make our home so cosy.

I like making little arrangements of things around the cottage. I do move things around from time to time for a change, and to see where things work best. Because our cottage is dinky, I do find that I have to be careful not to display too much. 

I sometimes just want to clear all the clutter such as, the toys, books that have been read and never to be read again, my mass of fabrics, and the huge collection of T-shirts my husband has. Why do men keep clothing forever? Even when peppered with holes and stained to hell he will not throw them out! 

This is my kiddo's room. I think this is my favourite room as I got to decorate it for my little girl and think of what she likes and how she see's things. There is a real vintage vibe to her room as Eden has many of mine and my husbands books and toys from when we were little. The crochet blanket was from my gran on my dad's side and the patch work bedspread is made by my grandmother on my mum's side.

When working from home it can be a real challenge to focus and not get sucked into doing other things. For me I find a home that makes me feel safe, is beautiful, uncluttered and reflects the person or persons living there really helps me feel inspired and in a good head space to design and make nice things!

'have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful'

William Morris 1880