Monday, 28 June 2010

Tea and Crafts!

I'm really looking forward to the Beaded Charm Bracelet Workshop that i'm hosting at the Emporium Tea Room in North London's trendy Muswell Hill. Not only is it a tea room with workshops from jewellery to knitting, it is also a very cool shop! It has a great mix of vintage and quirky items to purchase whilst having a tasty treat to eat! See me there on the 17th July 2 - 4.30pm (booking now!) Check them out and book a workshop at Emporium Tea Room.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

How to clean your jewellery!

This is question I often get asked and as I worked in a jewellery gallery for six years, I have cleaned my fair share! I was really surprised to hear how much a friend paid to get her wedding band re-matted when she could be doing it herself.

The earrings above are gold plated silver and I still use a silver cloth on gold items. These can easily be purchased from a jewellery shop or in a supermarket. They work magic and get any tarnished jewellery
sparkling. Read the instructions and DO NOT use it on items with pearls, it strips the pearls surface!

There is also a product called silver dip. This is a liquid that can you put your jewellery into and let it clean away, (done in minutes) especially good for items with detail/inlay and chains. Read instructions and DO NOT put beads, pearls and stones into the dip (diamonds are hard enough and are ok!).
Silver dip can be found in jewellery shops or online.

As for the matt effect I have been using it on my silver jewellery for years. I like a real textured matt finish which I achieve with Scotch Brite! I buy this from a DIY store and cut it into small pieces. I simply brush it over the piece in the same direction all over. For a softer more satin finish there is a rubber block that contains grit of different amounts (like sand paper) called Garryflex. I buy this online and like the Grey medium grit one. Again I will use this in one direction.

Now when matting jewellery, be it silver, gold or platinum it will always be removing a small trace amount off the piece. Do not matt plated items or keep matting your wedding band etc all the time as it will thin it over time. My wedding band is both white and yellow gold with a diamond which I only matt on our anniversary!

Any questions please ask!!!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Simple and clean design

I have been making this pendant for a few years now. It's a simple design that I always enjoy the look of, but it's a real pain to make! It is all made by hand, no casting or laser cutting used, so it always needs to be precise in it's measurements.  
I thought of this piece today after spending an evening with some fellow jewellery designers and artists. We talked about the importance of maths in design, however few of us actually passed our exam! When it comes to working out my measurements I find making notes and a copper model is the best way.

Friday, 18 June 2010

xx Home Sweet Home xx

I am trying to motivate myself to finish the on going diy jobs that I have. I do find it hard to multi-task, i'm either really into something at that moment, finding it hard to change projects!
As a full-time mum I am always trying to fit my work into the nap time and after my daughters goes to bed, so things can take a bit longer to do! Now to get on with my father's day present, oh no what about my knitting?! First things first......a cup of tea:)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Me & my little girl x x

Whenever  we have some good weather I always like to take my daughter to St Albans park. Loads to do and see there, but best of all it's near to a waffle house... yummy!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

More Jewellery Workshops!

I'm really enjoying the jewellery workshops I have been doing. Not only do I get to share how I make my jewellery and be inspired by others, but we have a good natter too!
My dear friends and wonderful jewellery designers, Katherine Bree and Alison Lush. We are visiting contemporary jewellery shop Tom Foolery in London's Muswell Hill where I worked with Alison for many years!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Jewellery Workshop!

I would like to thank all the girls that took part in my beaded charm bracelet workshop in April. A big thanks to the founders of Sweet Herts Sisterhood Fi and Louise who also took part and for organising the day. Check out their blog on more info about the group and I hope to do more jewellery workshops with them in the future.
Sweet Herts Sisterhood girls bought lot's of their own little charms to make the bracelets really personal.