Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What Goes Around, Comes Around. The Circle Jewellery Collection

Solar Pendant
I began making my circle collection in 2003 whilst working at tomfoolery in North London.
The price of silver then was much more affordable and I was able to make big chunky bangles, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. 12 years on I still make the collection but only to order.

The classic design has stood the test of time but as the price of silver, gold and other precious metals has soared so I have refined the collection a little and am making pieces that are a little more delicate as well as the bigger pieces.

I love this collection and it is one of the more satisfying jewellery range to make. 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Model Toni Garrn wears Kim Channon Jewellery

Elle Italia Feb 2015
Model Toni Garrn wears a pendant made by me!

Photos by Matt Jones for Elle Italia

Yesterday a text message from tomfoolery London informed me that a pendant made by me is in Elle Italia magazine..... WHAT???!!! I later checked into this and found that my Treasured 18t gold plated initial pendant I made a few weeks earlier was now on the cover and in a photo session and worn by the beautiful model and girlfriend to Leonardo DiCaprio, Toni Garrn.
It turns out that a friend of hers bought it from tomfoolery London (jewellery gallery) and she wears it all the time! 

 The above image is similar to the one Toni Garrn is wearing but hers has an initial on it. I make them in silver and 18ct gold plate and start from £38.00 and are on available on my website www.kimchannonjewellery.com or tomfoolery in North London

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Finding Treasure

Hey, it's been forever but then you probably have worked out that I'm not an avid blogger.
Thanks for sticking by me!
Anyhoo, just a quick update. This summer I started a new job as a jewellery assistant for a very well known goldsmith and enameller near London. We make bespoke and fine jewellery and lucky me gets to learn from a master crafts-woman in tradition vitreous enamelling....YAY!!!
I am keeping hush on the company as we make for HRH and it's good to not give everything away;)

As for my jewellery the Treasured collection has been a constant customer wantee so that's been great but it has left me with little time to make other things. 
I have heard about this from other makers that it is easy to get caught in making only items that sell and then not progressing or working on other designs. I'm not complaining that it sells as that's fantastic but I have not turned on my kiln in 5 months!
Therefore, I have decided that from tomorrow I will leave 20 mins early for the school pick up and sit in the car with a sketch book and pencil to see if any designs emerge. If you have any tips on how you squeeze in designing/making time I would love to know. Please leave a comment!

Mini hoops 18ct gold plate

Pearl, Smokey Quartz & 18ct gold plate bracelet

Friday, 22 March 2013

Wedding Jewellery Showcase @ tomfoolery London

Hi there, I just have to tell you about the wedding showcase that the tomfoolery team (including me) have put together. 

We are so excited as this is our first showcase in 18 years of tomfoolery and we are celebrating in style!

Based in North London's trendy Muswell Hill we hope you will join us for nibbles, a glass of champagne and some guidance through the process of choosing the right rings for you.

If you are getting engaged, selecting wedding bands or need a special & unique bridesmaid jewellery just pop in and say hi. 
For details visit www.tomfoolerylondon.co.uk

Hope to see you there
Kim x

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Website designing on iWeb....

This is my new website so far! I have had my website for 3 years now and designing it is a love/hate relationship;) I use iWeb which is a really basic and easy to use format but there was a lot to learn for a complete beginner like me. I must say that in just the few years of having an online "presence" I have discovered a style of my own and the hours and hours that I spend tweaking images etc are paying off.

I have been asked to help other friends (artist/makers) websites. This is truly flattering as I have just learnt as I have gone along. I do wonder if it is in my genes, my brother is a graphic designer and I always think when reviewing my design what would he think or what do I want the customer to know or what are they looking for.

Research is really important!!! I love looking at other peoples websites and thinking of how it works as a layout and what makes it standout from the rest. I have a few sites that I am influenced by but then I start to see my own style come through.

I still have work to do on it and the online shop to add. Who knows, It could look totally different next week! 

These are my top tips for creating an iWeb website

1. Research....ok I have already mentioned this but it will save you time if you know the  style of website you want to create.

2. YouTube tutorials about iWeb have been so helpful when I first started. There are loads out there.

3. Keep the design simple and don't just use the themes they provide.
I customise mine by removing everything from the page including the menu bar
as it has limits.

4. To add a shop I have done it two different ways. You can painstakingly
add a PayPal button next to every image (this does not work on the photo album pages)
and create a separate product page for each item or collection. The other option is to have a Folksy or Etsy shop and have the link on your site. The one problem I find with this is that it takes your viewers away from your site and does not have a link to take them back.

5. Spend time trying things out on iWeb. It is a great way to build a simple website for no cost (if iWeb is on you Mac) other than the hosting and the domain name.
For that I use one.com who I have found really easy to use.

Have a go and good luck!

Friday, 3 August 2012

tomfoolery London Jewellery N10

 Kim Channon Bangle sold in tomfoolery
Kim Channon Bangle sold in tomfoolery

These chunky silver bangles are now in tomfoolery  Contemporary Jewellery gallery! They have a fantastic website so take a peek at their selection of handmade jewellery and join me in liking their Facebook page! Ps..... I work in the gallery too.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Modern Crochet Jewellery

Hello, It's been so long but the good news is I have lot's of updates and new photos to show you. Recently I have been making crochet jewellery for tomfoolery, contemporary jewellers in Muswell Hill North London. 

I have always been drawn to the idea of using crochet in my jewellery but to me there is a fine line between getting it right and getting it wrong. I love how I can really play with colours of mixing the crochet cotton and the semi-precious stones. I often spend ages playing with different colour plates which is such fun. The necklaces are quite bold but they sit so well with the simple crochet stud. I hope to expand the range but the necklaces are all one-off. These are great statement pieces and I do hope to try out some other colours.

Crochet Studs with sterling silver

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Flux Studios London N10

Have you heard of Avenue Mews in North London's trendy Muswell Hill?
If not then your in for a treat! In the very lovely Muswell Hill (near Highgate & Crouch End) there is a little mews hidden behind the High Street shops that I'm very proud to have been apart of in the past. 

In 2004 I joined fellow jewellery designer Sarah Lindsay to be the first makers/artists to move into a workshop in Flux Studios. Soon other makers/artists/writers & artisans moved in & what a great time we had! In 2008 I left the studios to set up my garden studio in St Albans as we moved & I became a mum so it made sense! 

Next door is Cha Cha Cha's gorgeous vintage clothing & home ware shop with the most fantastic finds. A couple of doors down is 16am, which is full of vintage & unique finds as well as the studio of jewellery designer Katherine Bree.

I miss sharing the studio with Sarah as she is my best friend & Katherine is a really good friend too. 
When my little girl starts school I hope to set up a monthly coffee morning so we can catch up and talk about the jewellery industry & in those few hours put the world to rights!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

From the Wilde

Twig Berry Yellow Pendant

Have you heard about fromthewilde.com? This is an online shop that sells only 100% handmade items.
They have the most lovely eclectic handmade products by UK designer makers & artists.
I fell in love with the website, I'm sure you will too!

I'm giddy with joy, because I am now selling my jewellery with "From The Wilde"♡
Pop over to the site and take a peek xx

Monday, 7 March 2011

My little cottage: when working at home, it needs to be inspiring.

My side of the bed, and yes I do sleep next to my John Lewis Mini sewing machine!
In the vintage suitcase I keep all my yarn, needles and bits & bobs. 
The basket under the table contains some of my favourite magazines like Country Living.

My cottage was built in 1880 and I love the open fireplace. We are lucky to have a coal yard
down the lane and woods at the back of our house. There is nothing like a real fireplace, it make our home so cosy.

I like making little arrangements of things around the cottage. I do move things around from time to time for a change, and to see where things work best. Because our cottage is dinky, I do find that I have to be careful not to display too much. 

I sometimes just want to clear all the clutter such as, the toys, books that have been read and never to be read again, my mass of fabrics, and the huge collection of T-shirts my husband has. Why do men keep clothing forever? Even when peppered with holes and stained to hell he will not throw them out! 

This is my kiddo's room. I think this is my favourite room as I got to decorate it for my little girl and think of what she likes and how she see's things. There is a real vintage vibe to her room as Eden has many of mine and my husbands books and toys from when we were little. The crochet blanket was from my gran on my dad's side and the patch work bedspread is made by my grandmother on my mum's side.

When working from home it can be a real challenge to focus and not get sucked into doing other things. For me I find a home that makes me feel safe, is beautiful, uncluttered and reflects the person or persons living there really helps me feel inspired and in a good head space to design and make nice things!

'have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful'

William Morris 1880

Friday, 26 November 2010

Blue Ginger Gallery

Oval Enamelled Silver Earrings

I mentioned in a previous blog that I visited a gallery in Malvern, Worcestershire called Blue Ginger
They stock fantastic art work & crafts in their beautiful barn converted gallery/cafe.
It's a stone throw away from my family and thanks to my lovely sister-in-law for taking me to Blue Ginger, I am now selling my jewellery there! 

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My Jewellery at Mickerloo Gallery!

I was recently contacted by Mickerloo Arts Gallery in Cheshire to showcase my jewellery. I jumped at the chance to sell my work at their contemporary art gallery, which helps promote new artists and makers  alongside some very well established artists. The necklace above is called Green Forest and is a One-Off piece. It is made of black enamel on silver with Chrysoprase and Chalcedony semi-precious beads.
This necklace is being showcased and sold at Mickerloo Gallery amongst other pieces from my enamelled Eden Collection. Have a look at their website (my info will be uploaded soon) or even better visit them!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Photographing Jewellery

Rose Ring Pendant

As many jeweller's know taking photographs of your work is tough stuff! The worst is dealing with a polished finish as the light bounces around and can pick up surrounding colours. However, I still love taking pictures of my own work and trying my best to create an interesting image.

In 2005 I attended a Photo Shop evening class for 8 weeks to learn how to edit my own images. It has been one of the best moves of my jewellery career! My brother (a graphic designer) got me a Mac and Photo Shop and away I went. Thanks bro x

Things I have learnt on taking pictures of jewellery on a digital camera are: 

1) Try not to use flash.
2) Take pictures outside on a cloudy day for less shadows.
3) Know your camera really well, read the manual and try out different settings.
4) A light box can be useful, especially if you don't have photo shop.
5) Take loads of pictures and edit after.
6) Use a tripod, very important!

Hope you like the photo, please tell me what you think. x

Monday, 18 October 2010

Brighton POD selling my Jewellery

I am now selling some of my jewellery through Brighton POD
This is a shopping portal dedicated to promoting the work of Britain’s most talented independent designers and craftspeople – Brighton POD is the fast, simple and ethical alternative to shopping in our franchise-choked high streets.
I love the easy to use website and I'm lusting after the beautiful handmade furniture.
Check out my jewellery on their website too! http://www.brightonpod.com/jewellery-c-25.php

Thursday, 29 July 2010

To blacken the silver or not?

I would really love to know what you think of the oxidised (black finish) silver. I have made many pieces with that finish, some of them work well, but would you buy or wear a piece of silver jewellery that's not silver in colour? Personally I don't wear much silver, as it does not suit my skin tone and the black finish really works on me, but what about on you? Please let me know what you think!

Friday, 16 July 2010

My Home Studio

I have been busy at home decorating, and making some jewellery in my little garden studio.

As you can see it's a simple, clean space to work in, and not much of a visual feast. My partner and I share the space (he's a Musician and Ethnomusicologist) so we have kept it more practical than beautiful.

We built the studio ourselves in 2008 shortly after our daughter was born.
The idea was that I could make jewellery whilst she slept. That did not happen much, both the sleeping and the making 😫

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

How to clean your jewellery

This is question I often get asked and as I worked in a jewellery gallery for six years, I have cleaned my fair share! I was really surprised to hear how much a friend paid to get her wedding band re-matted when she could be doing it herself.

The earrings above are gold plated silver and I still use a silver cloth on gold items. These can easily be purchased from a jewellery shop or in a supermarket. They work magic and get any tarnished jewellery
sparkling. Read the instructions and DO NOT use it on items with pearls, it strips the pearls surface.

There is also a product called silver dip. This is a liquid that can you put your jewellery into and let it clean away, (done in seconds or minutes) especially good for items with detail/inlay and chains. Read instructions and DO NOT put beads, pearls and soft stones into the dip (diamonds, sapphires and rubies are hard so they are fine). The trick with silver dip is to rinse really well and do this with hot soapy water to take off the residue from the silver dip. Then last rinse with warm water and blast dry with a hairdryer.  Silver dip can be found in jewellery shops or online.

As for the matt effect I have been using it on my silver jewellery for years. I like a real textured matt finish which I achieve with Scotch Brite! I buy this from a DIY store and cut it into small pieces. I simply brush it over the piece in the same direction all over. For a softer more satin finish there is a rubber block that contains grit of different amounts (like sand paper) called Garryflex. I buy this online and like the Grey medium grit one. Again I will use this in one direction.

Now when matting jewellery, be it silver, gold or platinum it will always be removing a small trace amount off the piece. Do not matt plated items as the plating will just be removed.  Regular matting of your jewellery such as a wedding band etc will wear thin it over time so this is not recommended. My wedding band is both white and yellow gold with a diamond which I only matt once a year on our anniversary.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Simple and clean design

I have been making this pendant for a few years now. It's a simple design that I always enjoy the look of, but it's a real pain to make! It is all made by hand, no casting or laser cutting used, so it always needs to be precise in it's measurements.  
I thought of this piece today after spending an evening with some fellow jewellery designers and artists. We talked about the importance of maths in design, however few of us actually passed our exam! When it comes to working out my measurements I find making notes and a copper model is the best way.